Elevate Arts was founded in October 2015 by Lucy Loughlin. Lucy’s training background is predominantly street and contemporary dance based. From the age of 16, she has danced with a number of top London dance crews, performed at prestigious venues, corporate events and in music videos, as well as choreographing contemporary pieces for Move It (Olympia conference centre) and Resolution festival  (The Place.) Lucy graduated with a first class honours in Dance Studies from Middlesex University in 2012, before going on to complete her Street dance teacher training qualification with Urban Strides in 2016.

Lucy has taught dance across London for over 7 years, working with various primary and secondary schools, colleges, community organisations and youth clubs. Parents of children who attended these classes started asking about additional classes outside of school, especially when the school’s block of dance classes had come to an end. So in 2015, Lucy founded Elevate Arts to enable these children to keep dancing and progressing, as well as opening these classes up to other children within the community

A friendly, encouraging atmosphere to help our students become the best dancers they can possibly be. We celebrate individuality and diversity, nurturing positive, unique, confident individuals who are proud of who they are.

Our students on correct, authentic dance technique, providing them with an in depth understanding of the art form, its history, culture and the dance industry as a whole. We enable our students to develop strong foundations to enhance their versatility, creativity and to inspire them to delve deeper into what interests them.

Our students by keeping it fun, inspiring and engaging. Our classes always have an end performance goal for our students to show off their new found skills.

Our students and grow with them. Everyone learns at a different pace, which we welcome by creating a positive environment which is challenging, but achievable for every student. Whether a complete beginner or an advanced dancer, students can move at a pace which is right for them, building on the foundations as they improve and celebrating each achievement along the way.

Elevate Arts all began with just a handful of children, in a school sports hall in Acton on a Saturday morning. Since then, we have partnered with various local schools and have introduced additional community classes, teaching over 200 children and young people on a weekly basis. We have also introduced our popular Urban Dance Camps which run during the Easter and Summer school holidays, regularly facilitate specialist workshops with top professionals and run 3 dance crews across local schools and our Academy competition crew, SQUARE 1, who have won 1st place in the intermediates category in the 1022/23 season.

Our students have also performed at various events including the International Youth Arts Festival, Move it (Excel), Streetdance XXL (Wembley), Acton Carnival, Bermondsey Carnival, Ignition festival (Lyric Hammersmith), Inspire (Clapham Grand), The Great Big Dance off (Oxford) UDO, 101 events, XDC events, NSC events, Soar, UKSDC, uk Street Dance Challenge at Alton Towers, Da Clash Showdown, London Youth Games, Featherstone sports partnership awards ceremony, Young Ealing Awards, New Gen Festival and more!

Our aims are to nurture and grow young talent, increase lifelong dance participation, and provide young people with a safe, positive outlet in which they can express themselves.

We focus on all round training, including learning the history and culture of various styles, technique, cool routines, freestyle development, battle technique, performance skills and creative tasks where students have opportunities to choreograph and lead.

young dancers having fun waving their bandanas on the road in the procession for Acton Carnival, following the float


"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another. "