Are you looking for fun and engaging dance classes that will inspire and motivate your students, increase their confidence and self-esteem, improve their fitness, focus, problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills – as well as encouraging creativity and transforming them as dancers?

Elevate Arts provide primary and secondary schools with the highest quality dance classes and workshops in a variety of genres including Authentic street dance, Creative dance, Ballet, Contemporary dance and commercial dance. All our teachers are fully trained, qualified and experienced to deliver an exceptional learning experience for your students. Our teachers cater to the range of abilities within the class, ensuring each student is engaged and learning.

Your school can use the sports premium funding for many of our services, from PE lessons to CPD to your very own school dance crew!

Our services include:

Extra Curricular Clubs

These fun clubs can either be funded or subsidised by the school, or alternatively, parents can pay the term fees so clubs are at no extra cost to your school!

  • Wake and shake clubs before school help children to begin their day energised, feeling positive and helps them settle down to focus on their learning.
  • Lunchtime clubs are perfect to add additional activity into the school day and shake things up a bit in between classes, allowing children to focus more in the afternoon.
  • After school clubs allow children to learn new skills, express themselves, get creative and let off some energy after sitting at school all day. At the end of each term students get the chance to perform to their parents and showcase what they have learned.

Curriculum Dance Within Physical Education

Take the pressure off during those dance modules within PE by getting one of our professional teachers in to cover the topic. Usually 10 weeks long, these creative dance classes help children explore set topics within the curriculum, culminating in a small performance for their year group or school. Alternatively we can deliver a wide range of other themes and can also offer street dance sessions within PE lessons too.

PPA Cover

Do your teachers struggle with juggling their PPA time? Let us cover their class and they will be able to increase their productivity while the children have a great time learning new skills. Block bookings are available as well as one off sessions in a number of dance styles.

Target Groups & Interventions

Elevate Arts can work with select groups of students from your school to help them achieve their non-dance (or dance) related goals. We have a range of experience from working with students who are academically challenged to students who are gifted and talented. We can work with any target group your school wishes (e.g behavioural difficulties, SEN, etc) and work with them to get results. Dance has a wide range of benefits which have been proven to show improvements in academic achievement, focus, social skills, health and more.


Do your teachers freeze up in a panic every time they need to deliver a dance module within PE? Dance isn’t as scary as it sounds! We co-teach with a class teacher and their students for a 10 week period, helping teachers gain confidence in understanding and delivering schemes of work, getting involved physically and help provide them with tools to help the children creatively express themselves, so they are comfortable leading dance sessions by themselves in future.

Choreography For School Productions

Do you have a brilliant idea/theme for your school production this year, but are wondering where to even start with the dance choreography? Elevate Arts can work with students to create some fantastic, visually appealing movement to bring your play to life and make it one to remember for years to come!

School Dance Crew

Does your school have some serious dance talent? Elevate Arts has experience in auditioning and creating dance crews within schools represent their school in National competitions. One of our school crews recently placed 3rd in London and 4th Nationally in a Nationwide primary school dance competition.


If you would like to introduce or increase the dance provision at your school, please contact us to discuss your needs. We cater for a variety of budgets and we will work with you and your school to provide a tailor-made package that works for you and your school.