Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I am 13 years old and have been attending Elevate Arts sessions for over a year now.

Meeting a new group of people and dancing in front of them can seem very intimidating but trust me there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. When I first joined I was extremely nervous and shy when I got told I had to freestyle I almost cried! the thought of me getting something wrong was so daunting but my dance teacher (Lucy) really helped me overcome that fear and now I want to do freestyle every week.

Elevate Arts provide so many opportunities for young people it is amazing. I have performed in the lyric theatre which was INCREDIBLE, and we also performed at Acton carnival which was also such a wonderful experience as well as this we also participated in a competition at Battersea. We got to see dancers of all abilities and as a group, it pushed us to better.

In September I auditioned for the crew (TRNSCND) and I was sooooooo happy when I found out I got in I really could not take the smile off my face. The crew takes my dancing to the next level, every week we start with an intense warm-up which is hard but really, we all love the competitions to see who can hold the plank for the longest!!!!These seem tough, but it is worth it when we do a routine where it is all sharp and our timing is right.