Back in March, we were fortunate enough to have Caramel Soldier come down to Elevate Arts to deliver her Pieces Of House workshop. This was the very first workshop we have organised and are pleased to say it was a success!

Our aim is to bring in top dance specialists who have passion, knowledge and experience in their field and whom are amazing teachers too, such as Caramel, to help bring the West London dance community together and to give the next generation of young dancers these opportunities to train, grow and be inspired, right on their doorstep, with no need to spend time and money on travel!

Before Caramel arrived, our students were both excited and nervous, they had never learned from a guest teacher and most of them had never done house dance so didn’t really know what to expect. These nerves soon disappeared though when Caramel walked in. She made them all feel welcome, put a smile on their faces and helped them relax.

The workshop consisted of lots of groove, feeling the music, musicality exercises, learning key foundation steps, exploring them and learning a short combo. It was really exciting to watch the students’ growth as the workshop progressed and even those who initially struggled soon got the steps! Caramel was fantastic with the children and soon worked out their different personalities and how to communicate with them to ensure everyone was having fun and learning.

Everybody was really sweaty by the end (a sign of hard work!) especially those who had class and crew training prior to Caramel’s workshop (5 hours of dancing in one day – and still smiling – soldiers!) The feedback from students and parents was amazing and we can’t thank Caramel enough!

Following the workshop, in our crew training session, we explored how we could use the steps in different ways and have put together our own house routine. The children are also showing off their new moves to their friends and are excited for the next workshop already!

Take a look at the footage from Caramel’s workshop here:

Did you attend? What are your comments and thoughts, what did you take away from this experience and who else do you want workshops with? Let us know below!