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Happy International Dance Day 2021!


With lockdown easing we can actually celebrate International Dance Day by dancing with others IN PERSON this year – Woop Woop! Get yourself to a dance class, meet up with some friends in a park (stick to guidelines of course) or just have a boogie at home around your kitchen with your nearest and dearest! If you like you could even film yourself, upload to insta and tag us @elevateartsuk so we can all share the feel-good vibes too!

As we have no classes scheduled, we still wanted to share our love for dance and so we are excited to be dropping our BRAND-NEW dance video TODAY (29/04/2021) to celebrate International Dance Day 2021 with you all. We hope you can join us for the premiere on our Youtube channel at 7pm.

This video features Mason, one of our dedicated and talented students of over 3 years. Throughout all the lockdowns, we have set our students weekly dance challenges to help them develop their physical and creative dance skills. One of these challenges was a Covid-19 concept. We absolutely loved Mason’s idea behind his Covid-19 entry and so decided to work with him to develop his idea into a concept video. The piece explores the emotions felt during lockdown – from sadness and isolation to anger and the feeling of being trapped. Shot in Acton, West London and the whole concept including the set, costume, choreography and music was all Mason’s own creativity – we just shot and edited!

We would love for you to join us. Set a reminder by following the link below so you don’t miss it. Please remember to click that subscribe button too if you like our content. Feel free to drop a comment below the video to let us know what you think!

Happy dancing everyone!!!

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