Elevate students with local rapper

Our 1st music video experience with a local Acton artist

Back in June we were fortunate to be put in contact with local rapper Chriz Gabriel who was looking for dancers to feature in his latest music video, Potluck. Chriz’s following stretches from London, to Birmingham, to America; in particular the New Bay area where his latest track draws inspiration. We heard the track and it was so different to anything we have ever heard here in the UK, we loved Chriz’ creativity and vision and couldn’t wait to get involved.

We selected 10 young dancers from our crew to take part and Chriz provided us with a list of dance moves to learn in advance. On shoot day we filmed on the Acton Vale estate. Chriz and his team were super welcoming, supportive and even supplied refreshments for our young dancers (Free food + kids = Happiness!)

After a little introduction and a moment to get their bearings, shooting began. The whole crew danced together then some dancers were selected for additional individual parts and cameos. Our young dancers had so much fun on their 1st ever music video shoot. Some were a bit nervous to start with, but soon got into the flow and every single one of them came away having learned loads and felt proud of themselves, rightly so!

The whole shoot was so well organised, from the lead up to the video dropping. Even when the power cut out on the speaker, the team were literally climbing roof tops to run the cables for electricity to ensure the shoot could continue. Quick on the spot thinking!

In addition to the video shoot, to help promote his latest track, Chriz also ran a dance challenge on Instagram where dancers needed to dance to a specific section of his track. A few of our young dancers entered this and Mason won! His prize is a theatre trip to watch Hamilton in the West End – Congratulations Mason!!!

The video for Potluck has now dropped. Check it out here: (141) Chríz Gabriel- Potluck – YouTube

We hope you enjoy – Feedback and comments welcomed. We are already looking forward to our next shoot, if you would like to book us get in touch!



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