Adult dance class in Acton

New Afro dance classes in Acton for adults and kids

Last week saw the launch of our Afro dance pilot running throughout the month of September. Afrobeat music and Afro dance styles are increasing in popularity and have become an integral part of the UK Dance scene especially at Street Dance competitions where the DJ often spins an Afrobeat track for a solo category. As a dance school whose specialism is street dance, naturally we felt it was time to introduce some Afro to Acton!

It’s been a long time coming!

Two years ago, when we ran our last summer camp, we invited along a variety of specialist teachers to deliver classes in a variety of styles. Abi was invited to come and teach an Afro workshop and that’s where it all started – We knew we had to get Abi in to teach more regularly! Abi is an amazing teacher – funny, kind, passionate, patient. She breaks things down so everybody understands and has fun regardless of their dance ability. This, alongside Abi’s extensive background, experience and knowledge in Afro Dance styles and her performing and teaching history is what makes her such a fantastic teacher. Just before lockdown Abi was scheduled to teach another workshop at Elevate Arts but sadly it couldn’t happen. We delivered this virtually over Zoom and always had it in the back of our minds to start something physical up once lockdown had ended, so here we are, excited to have welcomed Abi to the Elevate Arts teaching faculty and our dance family!

What is Afro dance?

“Afro dance,”” Afrobeat dance” or “African dance” are all interchangeable terms which can be used to describe this style – It’s an evolution and development of African dance where it derives its inspiration. This dance style is danced to Afrobeat music. As with any Street Dance style, when the African music changed and developed into an Afrobeat style, the dance style changed with it as a response to the music. It has been around for many years and is now gaining popularity and exposure in the Western world.

What benefits does Afro dance have?

  • It’s fun
  • It’s easy to follow and feels natural to do
  • It will keep you fit
  • It will help you socialise with others
  • The music is so upbeat – great for lifting your mood
  • It helps build confidence and self esteem
  • You will be able to dance confidently at parties!

I’m interested when are your classes?

Every Thursday in September:

Kids – 5-5:45pm

Adults – 6-7pm

Come and trial a class for just £5. Email

If our pilot is successful, we will add these classes to our timetable for the long term. Thank you to everyone who attended our 1st class last week, we look forward to meeting some more new faces this Thursday!

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