children getting fit in Acton

Hi, my name is Kiah and I’m 9 years old. I have been training at Elevate Arts for 2 years now.

Since I started, I feel like I have improved on my control, timing and even becoming sharper and stronger each week.

My mum applied for me to do the JD casting and I was so nervous. I was even more nervous when they got back to my mum so quickly. My first reaction when I discovered that JD sports invited me down to Husky Studios for the casting was like “OMG!” I literally was lost for words but then I was like “ok, I need to get practicing my freestyle” making sure I was sharper than ever.

Leading up to the casting, I prepared by really pushing my freestyle training and focusing on one thing that I could improve each time.

On the day of the casting, when I walked into the room I felt incredibly nervous but excited at the same time while I was waiting to be called in because they were running behind. When I got called in, all that was going through my head was “you can do this.” As soon as I got in the room I had to stand on a “X” and state my name, age, clothes/shoe size and height. Because I was nervous, I said I was only 2ft tall, but it made the casting directors laugh! They then played the track and I just felt the music and moved.

When it was over and I walked out, I wasn’t nervous anymore. I think the audition went well and know what to expect so next time I won’t worry as much. That would be my advice to anyone else going to their first casting, it doesn’t matter if you’re nervous, just enjoy yourself and express yourself and you will get over your fear.