Hello, my name is Oscar and I joined Elevate Arts UK just over a year ago.

When I first joined, I was nervous because I saw how many people there were in the class, but everyone was welcoming and as the term progressed I felt more settled and confident and made lots of new friends. I also attended the Urban Dance Camp in the summer and I felt scared too, for the same reasons, but after we introduced ourselves and played a few games it was great!

I like how each term our teacher focuses on a different street style because we get to really explore it in depth and understand what we are doing. It makes me nervous if it is a new style for me but others have done it before, but our teacher breaks it down so the beginners can get the basics and gives variations to those who have been there longer so they can push themselves so everyone learns something new all the time and is getting better.

Since October, as well as taking the class, I have been in Elevate Arts UK’s new junior crew, TRNSCND. At first I was like “WOW, 2 hour crew training, competitions!” but our teacher organises it so we work on different things, for example, the routines for the competitions, fitness and freestyle which makes the time fun and go quick. Our teacher makes sure everyone trains hard in class and crew training and everybody has improved in my opinion. I am enjoying my time at Elevate Arts UK, it is hard work but really fun and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better dancer.