This was our first time running Urban Dance Camp so we weren’t completely sure how well it would take off, but a week before camp was due to start we were already fully booked! It was fantastic so many current and past students booked onto the week too, taking their dance training even further. We planned the week very carefully to ensure all ages and abilities could learn and take away something for themselves from each class to apply as they wished and made sure we scheduled regular breaks for the children to play and form bonds with each other. Our students were taken on a journey through 10 different styles throughout the week, it was intense and a lot for them to take in but we laughed (a lot) and they all relaxed and soaked it up like sponges! Our assistant Sid was on hand to support the children (and Lucy!) She was our camera woman, the person the children went to if they were ill or struggling and just a great addition to the team!

The mornings were dedicated to technique, then in the afternoons, we focused on creative tasks, exploring what we learned in the morning sessions and guiding our students on creating their own choreography for the end of week performance. For children who had never done some of these styles and have never choreographed before, they came up with some great routines in their groups and worked very well together. We also had time to rehearse and play games throughout the day of course!

It was interesting to see what styles each child enjoyed the most or had the most natural ability in. This opened their minds to the endless possibilities in which their bodies can move. At the start of the week, we sat in a circle and expressed our fears. Common ones repeatedly cropped up including “scared to freestyle” and “Afraid I won’t make friends.” By the end of the week, they had all bonded and were more than happy to get in the freestyle circle by themselves, in front of an audience! The growth in every single child was fantastic. We ended up having a 30-minute showcase of all the styles we had learned, plus student choreography and freestyle! We ended the camp with a certificate presentation to congratulate the children on their hard work (believe us, they worked hard!)


. We are very impressed with how the children conducted themselves over the week, supporting and cheering for each other, the vibes in the class were fantastic and the way each child pushed through their boundaries and overcame their fears was amazing. Students were asking why it wasn’t for 2 weeks or why we don’t have more events like this. Well good news, we are currently planning a second UDC for Easter 2018!